This Week I Learned #1

I’m starting a new weekly series, wherein I dump all the new things I discovered — mostly web development and Linux stuff. Here goes the pilot.

  • I discovered Albert, a launcher for Linux, inspired by Alfred for macOS. Pretty neat for something that is relatively new.
  • The HTML 5.1 standard was published. Adds a few more semantic tags.
  • Apple announced the new MacBook Pro, which ditches the ESC key and some essential ports, and can hold no more than 16 GB RAM. Disappointed by the downgrade, several macOS fans flocked to Linux.
  • Ubuntu device maker System76 reported four times the usual traffic after the event.
  • Cassidy James Blaede from elementary OS did a series of blog posts guiding interested users to make the switch.

I think people are finally starting to notice, mostly thanks to distros like elementary OS, that Linux is no longer the ugly unusable geekspace it once used to be. elementary proves that Linux can be beautiful and simple, yet powerful, if you put thought and effort into it. Cheers to them!

See you next week,


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