Besides my full-time job as a Web Developer, I have made some side-projects and have dabbled with machine learning and GTK+ development. Here is an always-incomplete list of my public projects.

Progressive Web Apps


A time-based OTP generator, which you can use to authenticate on services like Google, GitHub,, and ProtonMail. Works offline.

Visit · Source code

Offline Handwritten Digit Recognition

A machine learning experiment, that recognises handwritten digits using a TensorFlow.js model saved offline.

Visit · Source code · Blog post

Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree

I completed the AI Nanodegree at Udacity in 2018. It had a lot of interesting projects, but here are two of the more challenging ones.

English-to-French Machine Translation

This was the final project for the Natural Language Processing concentration. I built a bidirectional recurrent neural network (BRNN) to achieve 98% test accuracy on the given data set.

I can share the Jupyter notebook if you ask nicely and if I trust you.

Text Sequence Generator

A recurrent neural network (RNN) that takes in a string of text from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and generates a (rather funny) continuation.

Jupyter notebook (scroll to Problem 2)

Google Summer of Code

During GSoC 2014, I worked with Apertium to enhance the accuracy of English-to-Esperanto translation.

By refining the constraint grammar and the lexical selection rules, I was able to reduce the word error rate (WER) by about 3%.

Project report

Linux Apps


A GTK+ app (elementary OS app to be precise) that reminds you to relax your eyes and body every once in a while.

AppCenter page · Source code