About Me

Hello. ¡Hola! Alola!

You have landed, accidentally or otherwise, on the site of one Darshak Parikh, who is reluctant to refer to himself in third person.

I’m a JavaScript developer, a Linux fanboy, and an NLP noob.

I’m also a mutant who doesn’t age, much like the Wolverine (except that I look nothing like Hugh Jackman).

I fell in love with computers during high school, and am now a professional Web Developer.

When I’m not writing code, I read manga or play retro games. I also take interest in music from around the world, listening to everything from Havana to Ghaltana.

I also happen to be a polyglot. I speak fluent English, Gujarati and Hindi; am kinda good at Spanish, Esperanto and Marathi; can understand but not read Punjabi; and am learning Japanese.

You can say hi (or anything else, really) to me on Twitter.

What’s with that title?

Funny you should ask! Dubious Disc is named after a Pokémon game item:

A transparent device overflowing with dubious data. Its producer is unknown.

Makes no sense, right? 😜