About me

Hello there! My name is Darshak. I am a Linux fanboy, a JavaScript developer and an NLP noob.

I fell in love with computers while pursuing my degree at LDCE, and am now a professional Web Developer at Digitate in Pune, India.

I also happen to be a polyglot. I speak fluent English, Gujarati and Hindi; am kinda good at Spanish, Esperanto and Marathi; can understand but not read Punjabi; and am learning Japanese.

When I’m not writing code, I read manga or play Pokémon games. I also take interest in music from around the world, listening to everything from Havana to Ghaltana.

You can say hi to me on Twitter and Telegram.

What’s with that title?

Funny you should ask! Dubious Disc is named after a Pokémon game item:

A transparent device overflowing with dubious data. Its producer is unknown.

Makes no sense, right? 😜