KDE Dancing in the Breeze

As KDE’s Plasma 5 is taking shape, we are seeing more and more goodies every week.

Their new style suite is called Breeze, and some parts of it are already out in the wild — ready and working on KDE 4/Plasma 1. Continue reading “KDE Dancing in the Breeze”

Font of the Week: Merriweather

I first discovered Merriweather when The Daily Post revamped their design. Since then, I believe in love at first sight. It’s become my favourite serif font, besides Liberation Serif and Bitter. The best thing about Merriweather is its top-notch readability. It looks gorgeous everywhere from web pages to printed documents. Continue reading “Font of the Week: Merriweather”

Light Table IDE will become your Instant Favourite

I had been looking for a great text editor for a while now — something with intuitive keyboard shortcuts and easy navigation among multiple documents. Gedit and Kate do not have the latter. Not for me. I want to be able to use Ctrl+Tab. CLI text editors are out of question, since vim is completely beyond me, and Emacs and nano don’t have the shortcuts I’m used to.

Surfing across the web, I stumbled upon Light Table, and since then I believe in love at first sight. Continue reading “Light Table IDE will become your Instant Favourite”