A Simple Classification of Fonts

A classification of any kind usually differs from author to author. This also applies to fonts, which is vaster a field than it might seem to the beginner. Here, I provide a simple categorization of fonts into five major classes. Continue reading “A Simple Classification of Fonts”


The One Word Open Source Needs to Avoid


“X is an open source alternative to Y.” A pretty common sentence, wouldn’t you agree? From this sentence alone, it is easy to guess that Y is a rather popular proprietary software, most likely paid, and X is trying to provide a similar offering, only open source.

My point is, with this kind of marketing, X may manage to attract a handful of Y users, but that’s about it. It will never go mainstream. Not even close. And you probably know about more than a few such products. Continue reading “The One Word Open Source Needs to Avoid”

Typing ₹ on Linux the Easy Way

Even though the new sign of the Indian Rupee has been added to Unicode way back in August 2010, I still see people using the Latin alphabets Rs to denote it. That’s because their keyboard most likely doesn’t have it. Or even if it does, it doesn’t work because they are using the wrong keyboard layout, usually English (US). Continue reading “Typing ₹ on Linux the Easy Way”