KDE Dancing in the Breeze

As KDE’s Plasma 5 is taking shape, we are seeing more and more goodies every week.

Their new style suite is called Breeze, and some parts of it are already out in the wild — ready and working on KDE 4/Plasma 1. Continue reading “KDE Dancing in the Breeze”

The Wait

I’m eagerly waiting for Ubuntu Trusty to come out.

Well, it’s not like I’m particularly interested in any of the ‘buntus, but I’m excited by the whole lot of awesome forks it will bring about.

  • elementaryOS Isis Freya will obviously be a smasher.
  • Trisquel will return with a far better GNOME and more freedom in 7.0.
  • Peppermint Five would make a perfect present for my netbook-using buddies frustrated by the sluggishness of Win 7.

Typing ₹ on GNU/Linux the Easy Way

Even though the new sign of the Indian Rupee has been added to Unicode way back in August 2010, I still see people using the Latin alphabets Rs to denote it. That’s because their keyboard most likely doesn’t have it. Or even if it does, it doesn’t work because they are using the wrong keyboard layout, usually English (US). Continue reading “Typing ₹ on GNU/Linux the Easy Way”

My Excitement and Disappointment with Sailfish OS

While the reviews of the Jolla have been generally positive, people seem to have mixed opinions on whether it will succeed in the crowded market. I, personally, do not doubt its possibility of success — my definition of success being the point in time when Apple start showing their uneasiness by copying Sailfish features. Continue reading “My Excitement and Disappointment with Sailfish OS”