Node.js, my new crush

I’m really loving all this hype around JavaScript and Node.js.

One reason is that it is spreading the idea of FOSS. Because the great thing about JS is that it can be distributed in only one form: source. Since all your code is visible to everyone anyway, you might as well publish it under a libre licence. And that’s what most people do.

It’s also nice to see new-age hackers doing all sorts of spiffy stuff at npm, the namespace pollution mechanism. What’s more, thanks to npm, this new generation of developers is carrying forward the UNIX philosophy:

Do one thing and do it well.


Light Table IDE will become your Instant Favourite

I had been looking for a great text editor for a while now — something with intuitive keyboard shortcuts and easy navigation among multiple documents. Gedit and Kate do not have the latter. Not for me. I want to be able to use Ctrl+Tab. CLI text editors are out of question, since vim is completely beyond me, and Emacs and nano don’t have the shortcuts I’m used to.

Surfing across the web, I stumbled upon Light Table, and since then I believe in love at first sight. Continue reading “Light Table IDE will become your Instant Favourite”

The Wait

I’m eagerly waiting for Ubuntu Trusty to come out.

Well, it’s not like I’m particularly interested in any of the ‘buntus, but I’m excited by the whole lot of awesome forks it will bring about.

  • elementaryOS Isis Freya will obviously be a smasher.
  • Trisquel will return with a far better GNOME and more freedom in 7.0.
  • Peppermint Five would make a perfect present for my netbook-using buddies frustrated by the sluggishness of Win 7.

The One Word Libre Software Needs to Avoid


“X is an open source alternative to Y.” A pretty common sentence, wouldn’t you agree? From this sentence alone, it is easy to guess that Y is a rather popular proprietary software, most likely paid, and X is trying to provide a similar offering, only open source.

My point is, with this kind of marketing, X may manage to attract a handful of Y users, but that’s about it. It will never go mainstream. Not even close. And you probably know about more than a few such products. Continue reading “The One Word Libre Software Needs to Avoid”

Typing ₹ on GNU/Linux the Easy Way

Even though the new sign of the Indian Rupee has been added to Unicode way back in August 2010, I still see people using the Latin alphabets Rs to denote it. That’s because their keyboard most likely doesn’t have it. Or even if it does, it doesn’t work because they are using the wrong keyboard layout, usually English (US). Continue reading “Typing ₹ on GNU/Linux the Easy Way”