The Problem with Schools teaching GNU/Linux

What they should teach

  • File system hierarchy
  • Package management
  • Desktop environments and window managers
  • Workspaces (virtual desktops)

What they actually teach

(…in most Indian schools, at least)

  • Bash
  • Vim

Seriously? Vim? Why on earth do they want young, innocent children to learn it? It’s like teaching logarithms to kindergarten kids.

Moreover, Vim is not even a necessity. I have been using GNU/Linux for over two years now and I still can’t fathom Vim. And it’s not like we don’t have good GUI text editors. Kate and Gedit are functional enough as defaults, and there are several, more advanced options out there.

As for Bash, I’m not exactly against having it as a part of the curriculum, but it should not be the very first thing a schoolkid learns about GNU/Linux. It can be intimidating, and can drive away potential users.

What I think is, those who set the curriculum, should take some advice from someone who’s a GNU/Linux user but not a hardcore command-line freak.


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