Font of the Week: Oxygen

There’s this font which has created quite a buzz among the design geeks these days: Oxygen, from (who else?) KDE!


If you’re a KDE user, the first thing that comes to your mind is the Oxygen theme, which is usually the default in all things KDE. The news is, that the KDE guys are developing a new version of their desktop shell, called Plasma Next. A special visual design team is working on the design part, and they’ve come up with this new font.

It comes in three weights: Light, Regular and Bold.


Take a look:


Working example? Here you go:



I personally find Oxygen quite clean and refreshing — perfect for a UI. When it comes to documents, I’d restrict its use to headers only. It’s not all that great for text bodies.


¿Te gusta? Download it.

So, how do you like Oxygen? Do share your views on this new kiddie.


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